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  • A Decade of Determination

    Certified Crown? That's been our baby for the last ten years – a wild, crazy ride, but fueled by love and determination.

    Nando Mondragon, our chief dreamer, wouldn't take a 'no' for an answer.

    Tricky suppliers, elusive manufacturers, staffing migraines – you name it, we've faced it. But every single challenge only made us stronger.

  • A Focus on Quality

    Quality is key in Certified Crown's work.

    Each product embodies excellence, a standard set high during our journey to Medellín, Colombia.

    There, we handpicked premium materials, redefining 'street luxury' with unmatched quality,

  • our team

    We're a team composed of the best designers and artists in the business.

    Anyone who wants to be unique and express themselves through clothing is welcome here.

    We are a lifestyle and we want you to join, everyone with skin is welcome.

  • Crown Experience

    Certified Crown: Not Just a Brand, But a Journey. It's where authenticity meets self-improvement.

    Nando has infused every product with these values, turning each item into more than just clothing – they're symbols of confidence and personal growth.


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