Certified Crown is the brainchild of head designer Nando Mondragon the founder and CEO of Certified Tattoo Studios, The worlds biggest Tattoo Studios located in his hometown of Denver Colorado, USA; Internationally known and recognized as a Tattoo business with Core Values of giving back to the Community that is rooted in a love for the art and custom fashion designs. Streetwear from the streets. Were true believers in authenticity and we want you to live a path of self betterment because like us the world will improve every step of the way.

Art x Fashion x Lifestyle

  • Nando Mondragon


    In a matter of a few years, Nando Mondragón went from criminal, delinquent, drug dealer to being recognized with very different titles: entrepreneur, artist, investor, real state owner, expert in style, music mogul, community activist and Undefeated Underdog.

    During the last decade, Nando's dreams and ambitions, along side the hard lessons learned in his youth, have manifested themselves in widespread business success, support for local communities and mentoring people whom others are struggling to reach.

    Nando is constantly looking for new opportunities to leave his mark on the world and show that no matter what happens in life, it's never too late to refocus your energies and succeed.
  • Decades of Determination

    Certified Crown? That's been a side mission for the last twenty years – a wild, crazy ride, but fueled by love and determination to impact my community.

    Nando Mondragon, our Head Tattooer in Charge of design would NOT take a 'NO' for an answer.

    Tricky suppliers, elusive manufacturing practices, staffing migraines – you name it, we've faced it. But every single challenge only made us stronger and we made it!

  • A Focus On Quality

    Quality is key in Certified Crown's work.

    Each product embodies excellence, a standard set high during our journey to Medellín, Colombia.

    There, we handpicked premium materials, redefining 'street luxury' with unmatched quality,


    We're a team composed of the best designers and artists in the business.

    Anyone who wants to be unique and express themselves through clothing is welcome here.

    We are a lifestyle and we want you to join.


    Certified Crown: Not Just a Brand, But a Journey. It's where authenticity meets self-improvement.

    Nando has infused every product with these values, turning each item into more than just clothing – they're symbols of confidence and personal growth.

  • Origin

    Certified Crown was born out of Certified Tattoo Studios, the largest tattoo studio in the world with origins in Colorado,USA; STREETWEAR FROM THE STREETS


    At Certified Crown we want to be more than a fashion brand, we give back to OUR Community. We like to share and generate inspiration of young minds through education and support for the young creatives in our city.