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An Overview of Screen Printing: 

One of the methods we use to print your graphics on our shirts is screen printing.  Rather than coloring in the pieces of the stencil one at a time, screen printing is similar to stenciling, whereas the complete picture is prepared and pressed onto the garment at once. The process to make a stencil is time-consuming, but once it’s finished, several shirts may be made rapidly. Even on darker textiles, screen printing generates vibrant colors and is noted for its durability. Because of the layering of ink on the surface, designs produced with this technique have a pleasingly tactile texture as well. Another benefit is that a stencil may be reused numerous times, making it ideal for mass-producing t-shirts for sports teams and corporate event attire. 


A Brief History of Screen Printing:

Between 960 and 1279 AD, screen printing first appeared in China. This style of printing was adopted by Japan along with other Asian countries and was used in conjunction with block printing as well as hand-applied paints to progress the trade. Screen printing was brought to Western Europe from Asia in the late 18th century, but it did not attain widespread popularity or use until silk mesh became more widely available for commerce from the east, and a profitable outlet for the art was identified. Samuel Simon was the first to patent it in England in 1907. Originally, screen printing was a popular method for printing high-end wallpaper on linen, silk, and other fine materials. Western screen printers created secrecy measures to keep the knowledge and practices of their workshops hidden. It is now widely used to print images on t-shirts, posters, caps, CDs, DVDs, ceramics, glass, polyethylene, polypropylene, paper, metals, and wood in both fine arts and commercial printing.


WHY Screen printing?

Screen printing is a great way to get unique and custom designs on t-shirts. It is also a cost-effective printing method, making it an attractive option for t-shirt printing. Screen printing uses a stencil to apply ink onto the fabric, and the ink is then cured using heat or light. This printing method allows for very intricate designs, and the ink can be applied in multiple layers to create a 3D effect. screen printing is also durable and long-lasting, so your design will stay looking great wash after wash.

Commercial Screen Printing

Commercial screen printing is the process of using a stencil to apply ink to the fabric. The ink is forced through the mesh of the stencil onto the fabric, resulting in a design that is both durable and vibrant. Screen printing is often used to create t-shirts, posters, and other promotional materials. At its simplest, screen printing requires only a screen, ink, and fabric. However, most commercial screen printing shops also use a variety of machines to automate the process. Screen printing is an extremely versatile printing method and can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, and linen. It is also possible to print using multiple colors, meaning that almost any design can be created using screen printing. If you are looking for high-quality screen printing in Colorado, look no further than our shop. We specialize in creating custom t-shirt designs that are sure to turn heads. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

Certified Print Co Screen Printing Shop

At our screen printing shop, we specialize in creating high-quality designs for t-shirts. We use a variety of techniques to achieve the perfect look for your shirt, and our experienced team is always on hand to help you choose the right design and color scheme for your needs. We screen printing Colorado designs that are sure to turn heads, and we're always happy to take on custom orders. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or a way to promote your business, our screen printing services are sure to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our screen printing services.

screen print designs for t-shirts

Our screen print designs for t-shirts are sure to turn heads. With eye-catching and vibrant designs, we guarantee that you'll love wearing our shirts. Our prints are made to last, ensuring that your shirt will remain looking fresh and new for many wears. Whether you're looking for a funny or clever print, or something more personal and meaningful, we've got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Shop now and show off your unique style!