How to Fold a Long Sleeve Shirt

How to Fold a Long Sleeve Shirt

How to Fold a Long Sleeve Shirt


Everyone who has ever attempted to fold a long sleeve shirt has undeniably been met with challenge and frustration. After all, it's not the simplest of tasks! With seemingly never-ending arms and complex wrinkles, folding a long sleeve shirt can feel absolutely mind-boggling. But don't worry, you're not alone!

We're here to guide you through this process with helpful step-by-step instructions and expert tips on how to fold a long sleeve shirt – so that your best-laid plans come to life.

Ready? Let's roll up our sleeves (literally) and get started on your journey towards becoming a long sleeve folding prodigy with the best way to fold shirts.


Before you start, there are some essential steps of preparation that need to be taken into account.

First of all, gathering the materials is absolutely vital. To have the perfect folding experience, invest in a good quality shirt folding board or even a shirt folder – these definitely make things easier! However, if none of those appeal to you, simply grab a flat surface and get ready to take on this task. 

Most importantly, pick out the right shirt for the job! It doesn’t matter if it’s linen or cotton with DTG printing; pick whatever fabric is most comfortable for you. Once chosen, begin understanding its anatomy – try feeling around for any buttons and seams as these can be crucial when it comes to proper folding.

After making sure everything is in place and all materials have been collected, it’s time to do some mental preparation. Take a deep breath and remind yourself why this task must be done. You might want to even give yourself a motivational speech just before starting; something along the lines of ‘I can do this!’ should suffice!

Now that everything is set-up and ready to go, let's start folding that long sleeve shirt like an expert. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect - don't give up if your first few attempts don't look as crisp as you had hoped they would! Remember always: patience is key when it comes to mastering how to fold a shirt like a pro!

Step by Step Guide

Folding a long sleeve shirt can be a daunting task. Who knew that something so simple could actually be so tricky? But don't worry – this foolproof guide will teach you how to fold a dress shirt for travel and how to fold a button up shirt like a pro in no time!

Step 1: Lay the shirt out flat on a clean surface. This is essential for making sure you get those neat folds. The flatter it is, the better it will look when you’re done!

Step 2: Now comes the fun part – folding the sleeves inwards! It might take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy peasy. Start by folding each sleeve in half lengthwise and then tuck one end into the other. Make sure they are tucked in nice and tight, otherwise your perfect fold won’t hold up after being crammed in your suitcase!

Step 3: Once the sleeves are neatly tucked away, grab one corner of the bottom edge of the shirt and roll it up towards the collar. To make sure everything stays nice and tidy, press gently as you go to remove any wrinkles or bumps.

Step 4: Now you have an almost perfectly folded long sleeve shirt! The only thing left to do is smooth out any remaining wrinkles or creases along with seams and buttons. You want this to look its absolute best when you unpack at your destination!

Advanced Techniques to Fold Long Sleeve Shirts

It’s important to know that there are three different ways to fold a long sleeve shirt. You can choose the “Burrito Roll” method, the “Folded-in-Half” technique or the “Rolling and Tucking” method. We recommend trying all three methods and picking your favorite so you can show off your skills to friends and family!

Let's start with the “Burrito Roll” method for folding t-shirts: Lay your long sleeve shirt on a flat surface like a table with the front side facing up. Now it’s time to get rolling: Fold one of the sleeves across the torso of the shirt until it overlaps itself. Then fold up one of the sides so that it meets in the middle. Finally, roll from bottom to top until you have one rolled up bundle of awesomeness - voila! This technique works great for shirts that need minimal wrinkles or if you want an extra snug package.

The “Folded-in-Half” technique is perfect for those who don't want their folded shirts taking too much space in their drawers or closets. To get started, lay your long sleeve shirt on a flat surface with its front side facing up. Take one arm and cross it over so that they overlap each other at center chest level and then flatten out any wrinkles that may have formed at this point.

Now use both hands to grab either side of your folded shirt and bring them together like you are giving it a big hug - make sure everything looks neat before moving onto the next step which is simply folding it in half lengthwise down towards its hemline until you have two overlapping layers (similar to when you fold a piece of paper). With this technique, your folded long sleeve shirt will be nice and slim making storage easier than ever!

Finally we come to our last method: The “Rolling and Tucking” technique which is great for preventing wrinkles from forming when folding lon sleeve shirts as well as providing more space savings than both aforementioned methods combined! To begin this process lay your shirt flat on a surface with its front side facing up once again.

Start by grabbing one arm at its cuff and rolling it towards its shoulder crease while simultaneously tucking some fabric along with it as if wrapping a present - continue doing this all way around the rest of your long sleeve shirt until everything has been tucked into place (it should look like burrito!). With this method not only do you save tons of space but also keep wrinkle formations down to an absolute minimum – nuff said!

Now that you know all about these advanced techniques for folding long sleeved shirts – Pick your favorite and impress your friends and family! It might take some practice but eventually mastering proper folding techniques can become second nature allowing you not just look fashionable but also help keep things nice & tidy ;)


Nobody likes it when their clothes don't fit right, but sometimes life just throws us a curveball. Whether your shirt is too big or too small, here are some troubleshooting tips to get you sorted out!

First, what do you do if your shirt is too big?

If it's just a bit baggy and you don't mind wearing it that way, try knotting the bottom of it. This works with both t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, but obviously looks best with lighter fabrics. If you want to try something else though, take in the sides of the shirt by sewing darts – this will make the shirt more fitted without taking away from its original design.

For those who have shirts that are too small, there are several options for stretching them out. Try putting your shirt in the washing machine on a hot wash cycle – this will cause the fabric to expand slightly. Alternatively, pull on each side of the seams gently after soaking in fabric softener for 10 minutes – that should give you some extra room! As for long sleeve shirts specifically, turn them inside out and iron over them on a low heat setting – this should help loosen up any tightness in material.

In addition to these wardrobe tips, if space is an issue in your drawer then why not try some creative folding techniques? For t-shirts or any light fabric garment, fold into thirds lengthwise and then roll up as tightly as possible; this will help create more room in your drawer while also preventing wrinkles! As for long sleeve items such as sweaters or jackets, lay flat and fold into thirds widthwise before folding inward again at least four times; this should provide enough space for plenty of clothing items.

No more excuses for a messy closet! With these simple tricks up your sleeve no matter what size shirt you have (or how little space is left over) you can keep everything neat and organized all year round - plus you'll look great while doing so! So make sure to take a few minutes every so often to tweak and adjust any items that don't quite fit right - because let's face it: looking good never goes out of style!

Q: How do you fold a long sleeve shirt fancy?

A: To fold a long sleeve shirt fancy, follow these steps:

1. Start by laying the shirt flat on a smooth surface, with buttons done up and sleeves straightened.

2. Fold the sleeves inwards so that the cuff is touching the shoulder seam.

3. Fold the shirt in half vertically, bringing the bottom hem up to the neckline.

4. Fold the shirt in half again, bringing the left side to the right side.

5. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases as you go, ensuring that the folds are sharp and even.

By following these steps, you'll have a clean and polished fold for your long sleeve shirt.

Q: How do you fold a long sleeve collar shirt?

By Leah Mondragon